Uncovering the dollars hiding in your data

Uncovering the dollars hiding in your data

At Cove, we’re lucky in that we get to work with clients who are building awesome products for their customers. Metricstory is the perfect example. Their product mines through your Google Analytics data and cuts out the noise to give Fortune 500 companies a clear list of opportunities and issues their teams can tackle together to increase sales and revenue.

It’s complex, using machine learning and all kinds of intelligent analysis, yet simplifies decision making and strategy by pulling out actions you can take vs. simply displaying graphs and charts like most solutions. It’s also able to call on the entirety of your data history at every point you need to make a key decision, making your team smarter along the way. One of their clients said it’s like having 10 analysts or more working around the clock to help them optimize everything from their emails to their AdWords.

When we met the team, they had just launched some fantastic additions to their product and were hoping to update their website to reflect the current state of what the product can offer. We worked with them to understand the direction of the product, develop a new site, new copy, positioning statements, and a light design refresh to bring their site into alignment with their product and lay the foundation for the content marketing efforts they are ramping up this year.

Joshua, their CEO, as well as their team, are really excited about the site we produced for them and are feeling ready for an exciting year ahead. We feel lucky to be a part of their growth as they continue building their product and impressing their customers.

Before: After

There are a few more pages we’ve yet to unveil, but keep an eye out and be sure to follow Metricstory’s…story as they take over this space!

We’re honored to work with Metricstory, if you like their website and are thinking you might need some help with your own, hit us up, we’d love to see if we can help.