Receive Any Email As A Slack Message

Receive Any Email As A Slack Message

A re-post from our friends at?Screenchecker.?

Take those important emails out of the inbox and into Slack channels for the whole team to see and react to more quickly. Think important alerts, daily updates, and more. If you receive it as an email today, you can make it into a Slack message for tomorrow.

This is perfect for making sure nothing important gets lost and high-priority messages are put in front of your team in a timely manner. You can even setup educational channels that receive regular newsletters from sources you?d like your team to be reading consistently. Industry news, a competitors email, you could even share the email address out so your team can easily forward travel plans to a certain channel. The possibilities are endless!

Step 1:

Get a special email address from Slack and choose the channel.?Slack has a quick step-by-step?for this if it?s the first time you?ve used the Slack email app. After you?ve setup the Email integration, simply choose your channel and click ?Add Email Integration?.


On the next screen,?edit other settings if you wish.


Step 2:

Go to the app/tool/site you receive the email from (many emails will have a ?preferences? link at the very bottom of the email you can use to find the settings page quickly). Replace your email address with the new one from Slack. Another option here is to setup a forwarding rule in your inbox pointing the email to the new Slack address.


Step 3:

You?re done! The email will be collected by Slack and posted to the channel you chose.

Let us know if you have any trouble getting setup, we?d be happy to help. For more complex alerts or to send social media messages to Slack, try?MailClark?or some of the other apps in the Slack Directory!