Press & Storytelling Roundup: Nov. 1

Claire TopalianPosted by

This week’s resources include Mark Suster’s commentary on some of the silent (but major) benefits of PR, conducting a competitive analysis for your content marketing, creating great content that keeps earning back-links long after it’s published, & more.

How Startups can Build Long-lasting Media Relations: 10 Strategies

Press Farm – Press Farm

The ten strategies outlined give details on how strong communication relationships can be earned between the media and businesses.

How to Create Content That Keeps Earning Links

Moz Team – Moz

Powerful content should continue to earn “link-backs” to your website over time. Here’s how to create great content that keeps working in the background.

5 Ways to Land Media Coverage for Your Startup Without Hiring a PR Firm

Jon Levy – Entrepreneur

A few strategies to try before you hire a PR firm.

Infographic: How to Know If You’re Ready for PR

Cove Team – Cove Group

InfographicQuick checklist to assess if you’re ready for a targeted PR strategy or the support of a specialist or firm.

How to Do a Competitive Content Marketing Analysis

Ellie Mirman – Content Marketing Institute

How to do a competitive analysis in three steps:
Take inventory of your competitors’ content.Evaluate content quantity and quality.Tag and analyze content topics.

The Silent Benefits of PR

Mark Suster – Both Sides of the Table (blog)

The benefits of PR are immeasurable. They are silent. They don’t show up in a calculation that says I spent $7,000 and I got X-thousands inches of press. It doesn’t work that way.