Press & Storytelling Roundup: Nov. 1

Press & Storytelling Roundup: Nov. 1

This week’s resources include?Mark Suster’s commentary on some of the silent (but major) benefits of PR, conducting a competitive analysis for your content marketing, creating great content that keeps earning back-links long after it’s published, & more.

How Startups can Build Long-lasting Media Relations: 10 Strategies

Press Farm?- Press Farm

The ten strategies outlined give details on how strong communication relationships can be earned?between the media and businesses.

How to Create Content That Keeps Earning Links

Moz Team?- Moz

Powerful content should continue to earn “link-backs” to your website over time. Here’s how to create great content that keeps working in the background.

5 Ways to Land Media Coverage for Your Startup Without Hiring a PR Firm

Jon Levy?- Entrepreneur

A few strategies to try before you hire a PR firm.

Infographic: How to Know If You?re Ready for PR

Cove Team?- Cove Group

Infographic😕Quick?checklist to assess if you’re ready for a targeted PR strategy or the support of a specialist or firm.

How to Do a Competitive Content Marketing Analysis

Ellie Mirman?- Content Marketing Institute

How to do a competitive analysis in three steps:
Take inventory of your competitors? content.Evaluate content quantity and quality.Tag and analyze?content topics.

The Silent Benefits of PR

Mark Suster?- Both Sides of the Table (blog)

The benefits of PR are immeasurable. They are silent. They don?t show up in a calculation that says I spent $7,000 and I got X-thousands inches of press. It doesn?t work that way.