Our Website ‘Kit’

Our Website ‘Kit’

Without some extremely trusted tools, we wouldn’t be Cove Group. We use a variety of tools (somewhere over a hundred) on a weekly or monthly basis to scale each member of our team further than they could go on their own and to provide information and services to our clients we couldn’t otherwise. We dedicate a significant amount of time looking for, researching, and testing products and services we think might make us better or more efficient, and then we pass those learnings (and savings) on to our clients.

We’ll share more as we go, but to start, we’ve put together a ‘Kit’ on what we use with new websites. This certainly isn’t exhaustive, but it’s the 12 we probably use the most consistently.

Give these a try if you haven’t, check out some of the sites we’ve built using these products, and then get in touch if you need any help!

See them all on Kit!