Client Spotlight: Startup Angels

Client Spotlight: Startup Angels

Startup Angels is on a mission to create more angel investors around the world. The team believes that great investors can come from anywhere, not just Silicon Valley — and equipping investors in their own backyards helps local economies thrive. Their workshops and events support investor education and their newly-launched marketplace product aims to democratize investing and make investing opportunities readily available. Below is a shortlist of coverage from our work with their team, ranging from thought leadership topics to event-related news.

Here’s How Investors Can Help Put the ‘United’ Back Into ‘United States’

VC funding is abundant in Silicon Valley and a few tech hotspots, while throughout the nation entrepreneurial energy withers for lack of capital.

5 Types of Startup Investors To Avoid

These investor behaviors can permanently damage their startups.

7 Important Differences Between Angels and VCs You Need to Understand

Keep these seven differences in mind before targeting and pitching investors.

6 Ways Angels and VCs Think Differently

The main difference between angels and VCs comes down to motivations.

17 Things You Need to Know Before Doing Business in Cuba

As American relations with Cuba continue to improve,?Startup Angels?sought to answer some of the questions that tech entrepreneurs and startup investors have about the country.

New organization Aminta supports women investors, plans workshop

Aminta Ventures, a new South Florida organization aimed at educating and supporting aspiring women investors, wants to attack that gap ? at least locally. The big goal: a new wave of female angel investors that will ultimately help to shape a stronger, more diverse ecosystem.

Government supports for start-ups off-putting? for investors

Startup Angels say it can suppress investors and crowd the field, acting as disincentive.

Serial entrepreneur’s road trip to inspire more angel investors

Leslie Jump?is passionate about entrepreneurs, especially those in early stage. She?s worked with technology entrepreneurs, vetted them, and put her money into them.

500 Startups? Dave McClure: ?Make little bets on lots of smart people?

In Dublin this week to attend the?Angel Summit?at Google?s Foundry, McClure isn?t your typical Silicon Valley venture capitalist.