5 Steps to a Successful PR Launch Campaign

5 Steps to a Successful PR Launch Campaign

Launching a new company, product or service is an exciting time. And in order to get the word out about your idea, you need an effective PR launch campaign. There are a lot of ways you can do that, but the primary key to a successful launch is creating a cohesive, integrated PR strategy to target your potential customers and stakeholders.

To help you get started, we put together a sample campaign you can use for your next launch. Generally, a campaign can include any combination of communication tactics — those will wary for depending on your goals, target audience and brand history. The tactics you choose to should complement each other in order for the campaign to be effective.

Identify your brand messaging

It?s recommended to plan your campaign at least 2 months before your official launch date. As you prepare, consider your brand identity and how you want to position yourself to the media. What are the key messages you want to convey? What makes your company unique and worth talking about? What are your tone and the overall mood you want to convey through the media? Start with creating a list of these points.

Set your PR goals, strategy, and tactics

As soon as you settle on your brand identity, consider the strategy you want to follow and the tools that will help you execute it. For instance, if you are launching a new company, your strategy for a successful launch could be creating pre-launch buzz in the media. A tactic to reach that goal would be to pitch specific media outlets, develop your brand?s owned media presence, and run social media ads. Make sure to set a few measurable goals to serve as KPI?s, too.

For instance, you can identify your company?s audience and potential customers. As soon as you have several personas, consider the media channels where you will be able to reach them. Those could be anything from blogs to digital magazines to social media, but it should definitely be more than one. Lastly, research the best contacts and/or influencers to reach out to in those outlets and collect a list. These are your contacts for media pitching.

Set your timing

When you know the exact steps you want to take to launch your company or service, set up a calendar of actions you?ll want to take over the next several weeks or months. Consider when you want to publish content, when you want to pitch your launch news to the media and what events you want your staff to attend. After you have these basics nailed down, add more details such as the headlines for articles and names of outlets you want to contact.

Prepare your launch materials

As soon as you have a specific schedule to follow, begin preparing your launch materials. These can include any combination of collateral or actions, such as:

    1. A ?coming soon? landing page with an email opt-in form
    2. Original website content
    3. Press releases
    4. Social Media posts and advertisements
    5. Giveaways
    6. Collaboration options
    7. Influencer lists and terms
    8. Event materials (if you plan on having a physical event)

Start your launch campaign

Start your launch campaign before the actual launch. Begin building relationships with your media contacts early on – study their interests, background, and colleagues. Think of the best personalized ways to reach out to them and how your company or service will be useful to their readers. Remember that a journalist or influencer is a messenger who is most interested in sharing valuable information with his or her audience. Publish your website content and distribute event announcements a few weeks before the launch. And lastly, make sure to check all your activities against the goals you set earlier.